Colin Flaherty 


I work as a Spiritual Medium and Trance Medium 


I have been working as a Spiritual Medium for over 25 years and a Trance Medium for over 20 years 

I am a 4th generation medium on my mother’s side of the family 


I have worked in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK 

For several years I was president of a spiritual Church in Portsmouth, attaining Church of the year on my take over. 


With my family I helped to run a spiritual Church in America, west Virginia. 


I have witnessed some amazing psychical phenomena with Spirt and currently sit in a psychical group. 

My interest includes Native American influence, this was enhanced after I spent time over a 4-year period with the crow Tribe in Montana, I was extremely privileged to take part in several ceremonies including my vision quest 


I continue to serve Churches and centres with my mediumship, Trance demonstrations, talks and teachings. 


I work connecting your loved ones from spirit to you with evidential information and guidance 

Mediumship Readings £35 1/2 hour

Trance Healing £25 1/2 hour

**Petrol costs may be added**




"Colin was amazing! He bought through several members of my family with so much detailed evidence no one else could have known. His knowledge runs so deep; he has a passion for spirit like I’ve never known before. A true ambassador for Spirt and authentic  genuine medium"

Jean H