Kate May


Thank you for checking out my intro! 

I have been working as a tarot psychic medium for many years, having my first deck at the age of 14! 

I have a psychic coffee shop , Mystic River Lounge in Cosham Portsmouth where we sell books, crystals, gifts and serve cake teas and coffee! Plus do work shops, training, healing and therapies. I do most of my readings here or online zoom or phone. 


I have been working for the well known Psychic Sisters in London, Selfridges, for a few years where they have a wide international client base. I have done many different shows and interviews for international magazines and social media businesses. Many are on my website under media 


Over the years I have travelled across America and the UK doing readings and workshops. I usually travel to the USA a couple of times a year to do readings. 


More recently everything has moved to online including my teachings. I teach Tarot with Astrology and Psychic development. 

Last year I had my own oracle deck published – Mystic Messages. I am currently writing a new book and creating a deck Tarot and Astrology 


How I work with my readings:


General readings 


I use the cards to see what’s going on around you and what’s coming up, looking at different influences and outcomes for situations. Using my psychic links, I then will be guided to give other insightful information. Using mediumship, Spirit may link in and I will give their evidence however it is not always guaranteed that certain family members will connect 

After the cards have been read I invite you to ask questions where we can look further if they have not already been addressed. 


For 12 month forecasts 


I always do a general reading first them move into the 12 month forecast for those wanting this. Here I look at what is the main influences in each month and the astrological houses such as home area, love area, work area, financial area, health area up to 12 areas. Again after the reading I invite you to ask questions or see where you want more information 


Personnel spreads 


You are welcome to ask me specific things where we can draw up your own personnel tarot spread between 5 and 10 cards 


Varied tarot spreads 

On my website you will see many different Tarot spreads including Full moon, New moon, Astrology spreads, and many more you can choose from 




"I have had many readings with Kate over the years, each one out stands me with her accuracy and predictions. Kate is welcoming, calm and professional and put me at ease on my first Visit.“

Jane M.