Jemma Waller


Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

Jemma Waller Virtual Assistant was launched after my holistic therapy business had to cease trading and I had nursed my mother back to full health because of covid in June 2020!

I wanted to have a backup to keep me going through the uncertain times. I never in a million years thought it would develop as quickly as it has. I know have an amazing team of associate Virtual Assistants, which means I can continue to grow business when things begin to return to normal Yey!

OK! So what can we do for you?

The list is endless and forever expanding!

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Design

  • Design Work

  • General admin work

  • Book-keeping

  • Business reviews

  • CRM Systems

  • VIP Training

  • and much more

If you are a new busines starting out, established business but the workload is time consuming or you are just unsure if you need our help, then book a FREE 30 minute vision call with me. No obligation at all, you tell me the vision for your business, I'll let you know what we can do to help!


"Jemma is so kind and supportive and generously shares her knowledge of all things technical and admin ... above and beyond what I ask her to do. She totally 'gets' my business and I know she genuinely wants me to succeed in my goals. Thank you Jemma, Birdham Bear and I feel so safe and supported by you" - Lynne H.