Astrology Readings


The Horoscope is our Life Map. It tells us how to get to where we want to go and how to get there this lifetime. If we will but heed the road signs along the way, we will arrive safely and on time. Of course, being human, and not well schooled in spiritual matters, it seems, we tend to take detours and we question the Universe’s Wisdom. It would be so much easier if we could ever arrive at that state we aspire to.  But that is something hard for each of us to do.   

As an astrologer, I will cast your charts.   What are these charts, you may ask?  They are BIRTH Charts. We call them “natal” charts. They are cast for the exact date, time and place of the person’s birth and this Life Chart shows the highway for you.  The answer to our ‘life quest’ is in the planets, right there in front of us. Once someone knows their ‘lesson’, they can begin to resolve it, or at least consider the choice.

For all charts below I will need the following information. 

1) Name of Recipient 
2) Birthdate 
3) Birth Location (City, State, Country) 
4) Exact Birth Time (am or pm) 
5) Current Location Where Recipient Lives 
6) What year? (example 2021-2022) 

7) Where you CURRENTLY live 
8) What month do you want the report to start?




Natal Chart 

They say hman beings don’t come with an instruction manual.  well I beg to differ!  

Your astrology chart holds the key to your personality and path. 


An astrology chart reading can reveal your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities for soul growth, the best timing for your most important moves. 

Astrology charts can turn up surprising insight about your patterns and preferences. They’re an excellent way of understanding your own “blind spots” and using that knowledge for personal growth and self-improvement. You can learn which talents to develop and where you may have weak spots to develop. 

Solar Return Chart  

Treat yourself its your birthday 

There are two times when it’s especially fruitful to look over your astrology chart: at the beginning of every year and on your birthday

For the new year, I ’d suggest doing what’s called a Solar Return chart. In this case, you start with your own natal (birth) chart, and compare it to the transiting (moving) planets, i.e., the current positions of the planets in the sky.  

At the exact time of your birth each year, the Sun returns to the position in the sky that it was in when you were born. The solar return chart is an astrology chart that’s calculated for the exact moment the Sun returns to its “natal” or birth position. It’s an excellent tool to help you assess and predict the themes that will arise for you during your next “solar year”—the 12 months that happen from one birthday to the next. 


The Draconic Chart           



In Draconic astrology, it has been proposed that the Draconic chart is the Natal chart of your previous lifetime. This inclines one to theorise that astrological connections between the two, point to karmic lessons or gifts carried over to an individual’s current life.  

The Draconic chart will show the higher self before it meets the physical body or personality, and through that, the flavour of astrology helps understanding in your higher and lower mind. The higher mind is ruled by your draconic chart, and also the underlying layer to how you know yourself through your natal chart. 

Astrology  Reading - £30- 1 hour session!